Tips for purchasing BMX bikes

Designed mainly for dirt and motocross, cycling, BMX bikes are as popular today as they ever were, thanks in large part to advanced bicycle technology. And therefore, owning one is a very prestigious thing especially among teenagers.

If you are looking to purchase a BMX bike, I think the best thing you can do is go into a good bike shop and talk to the people that work there. From their experience, they can tell you what is best for your level, size and weight. In the past, the basic BMX bikes you could buy were not very good. Things have changed these days and you can get a really good basic BMX at a fairly good price.

Some people like to ride low frames and some prefer a higher frame. Others may like to go for something in the middle. There are so many different sizes and so many companies doing different stuff and making a choice may be a difficult task. It is also advisable to try out the different set-ups that other BMX riders have and see what works for you.

bmx bike

For the best quality that comes with guidance, walk into a good independent bike shop where they can advise you on the best bike for your size and weight. You can buy BMX bikes cheaply at big stores, but they’re nearly always really badly constructed and will break quickly and easily.

All in all, it depends on what you intend to use your BMX for; do you want to participate in racing competitions with it or just casually ride around? Whichever your intentions, choose the ride that not only matches your activities, but one that brings out who you are and is within your budget.

Buying a Kayak

There are a number of factors to consider before buying a fishing kayak. This includes the type of kayaking you’ll be doing, where you’ll be doing it, your size and of course your desired budget.

The foremost fact that you should take into mind before buying a kayak is the type of kayaking you’ll be doing. Kayaking encompasses a collection of sports including whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, surf kayaking recreational kayaking etc. Knowing the type of kayaking you intend to do is indispensable before buying a kayak.

buying a kayak

As a beginner you might feel the urge to go and grab the best kayak in the store, but I strongly recommend not to as it requires a lot of expertise to handle. Rather go for a plastic one instead and you can upgrade to better qualities as you gain experience. Although the Fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fibre and wooden kayaks are lighter, faster and delicate than their plastic counterparts, the latter are more durable and less expensive for you to have the perfect starting.

Size of the kayak’s also another important aspect to take into account while choosing the perfect fishing kayak. Kayak size generally refers to the volume, length, width ad weight of the kayak. It is recommended to choose a kayak within the paddler’s weight range. The easiest way to size a kayak is simply by sitting into it. Check if you are comfortable in it. Be sure that your feet can reach the foot supports  that your legs make a comfortable contact with the thigh braces and the back rest supports your back perfectly.


If you want to go for a recreational kayak, you can choose between a Solo kayak and a Tandem kayak. But you should bear in mind that paddling a Tandem Kayak with two people is really a difficult thing. So the best would be to choose yourself a Solo kayak. Besides you are also going to need a number of fishing kayak accessories to aid you with your kayaking.

Effect of Natural Shampoo on our hair condition

The impact of Chemical free shampoo(natural shampoo) on the state of our hair is noteworthy. The popularity of Chemical Free Shampoo is getting higher every day. People are worried about the risks that might be caused due to the toxic chemicals or the harmful ingredients from the regular shampoos. The effect of many chemicals can be harmful to our hair. It is worth considering that about 55% of the ingredients of a shampoo get mixed with our hair and thereby the want of using harmless shampoo product increases.

effect of natural shampoo

The Natural shampoo is made out of extracts from plants or from organic ingredients. Its basic ingredients are like the Aloe Vera, Shea butter and also various types of oils. These ingredients don’t have a side effect and is much beneficial for the hair. Some of the ingredients have added benefits to the likes of its main benefit. Such as the tea tree oil is efficient for treating dandruff. But it has the necessary benefits of treating head lice and being usable as a shampoo preservative. In the recent time we can see that people are eager to use natural shampoos rather going for the cheaper alternative of regular shampoos. These organic and natural shampoo is protecting the hair from harmful materials. It further helps to keep the hair revitalized. The high quality product of Burt’s Bees, Aubrey Organics and TRESemmé which are chemical free shampoo brands proves the good effect of chemical free shampoo. The natural shampoo is taking good care of our hair and helping it by all means. And in addition to that, it is keeping the hair in good condition. Since it is chemical free, it is reducing the risk of toxins on our hair and other harmful ingredients. Thus, the effect of Natural Shampoo on our hair condition is quite satisfactory.

 This video is for helping people how to make natural conditioner shampoo at home. I hope you enjoy this!